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a rph for you. english & spanish & obsessed with aneurin barnard/PJ liguori

spooky aneurin rps

Grainy Textures


these work best with dull psds. 



How to make templates! Some information on Tumblr photosets.

Contains B&W - Box | MF

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Under the cut you’ll find a list of common high school classes that can be used for high school rps, boarding school rps, academy rps, or any school related roleplay really. Keep in mind that this is mostly based on American High Schools but I’m sure that there isn’t much of a variation. 

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do you ever just have that one underrated faceclaim you love

that whenever you see someone else using it you get happy

but then you see some things and you’re like oh my god I never though this could be done with (example name)! or you’re just surprised

that might just be me



i could go for some whiskey kisses <3

Anonymous asked: Would you consider making a psd of something else?

Well, I’d love to! But what something else?

I wanna do a gif hunt of Leon S. Kennedy (from the RE games)

so I shall



A Brief Guide to Sutures.

If I planned to go into surgery, I would learn more of these. My current repertoire consists of the simple (over and inverted), subcuticular, horizontal mattress, vertical mattress, and lock-stitch sutures. This set of skills takes care of most problems.

Oooh I have an old field manual for how to do different sutures. I should scan it sometime.

New York City Gif Hunts



under the read more you’ll find 31 gifs of New York City. There are vintage, b&w, day to night, night & day and scenery gifs.

Requested by anon.

Disclaimer: I am NOT the owner of these gifs. I simply search for them to help people find them easier! 

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