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The tackiest part (for me, at least) of creating a new account is, other than setting it up, having to create a new e-mail account to go with it so I can activate it. Thankfully, disposable e-mails make it easier, only having to insert a username or get one from then. Of course, many of these providers have public accounts, which means that if you put an easy username for your e-mail account other people will be able to check it. With that said, under the cut you’ll find a masterlist including 16 websites for disposable e-mailsand I will update it as I find more. Hope you find this masterlist helpful! Likes and reblogs are appreciated.


This is my go-to whenever I want to open a new account somewhere. Fast, reliable and as safe as a disposable email account with no password can be. The only turn off is that messages are only kept for 8 days, but I never use it for important things. Not only a disposable e-mail account, but a chat website where you can talk to other friends and it includes plug-ins for easier navigation.

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